There are countless reasons why Victoria Falls is considered Africa’s greatest natural wonder, straddling two Southern African countries and consistently touted as a “bucket list” item on any African itinerary. Travellers venture from all over the globe to marvel at her sheer size and to be doused in the spray of her misty plumes.

However, depending on the time of year you visit, you’ll have a very different experience. Let our experts unpack Victoria Falls in the dry season for you.

When is Victoria Falls’ Dry Season?

Southern Africa’s dry season primarily occurs between July and December. In the southern hemisphere, this is during winter and dry season, but Victoria Falls remains dry, warm to hot, and predominantly sunny during this time. Let’s take a look at what the Falls are like during this time of the year!

September and October

These are the months in which activities abound! A dip in Devil’s Pool or white-water rafting is a must for adrenaline junkies. The Victoria Falls Bridge offers a 111-metre bungee jump for those who are truly bold.

This time of year, offers fantastic game viewing in the neighbouring parks, and the influx of migrant birds to the region douses them with an array of colours. October is the ideal month for Victoria Falls sunsets. Comfortable temperatures, fewer mosquitoes and just enough dust to create spectacular orange skies, combine for the perfect end to the day. This is also a wonderful time of the year to take a flight in a helicopter or microlight and enjoy Victoria Falls in all their glory from above.

November to December

The dry season has been in full swing for some months now and water levels in the region are at their lowest. The weather is also hot and humid with the wet season slowly starting to become visible. At this time of year, both Zimbabwe and Zambia can get clear views of Victoria Falls’ cataracts due to the reduced amount of spray. Depending on the timing and quantity of rainfall, the Zambian side of Victoria Falls may be much drier. Would you like to visit the Victoria falls? Take a look at these trips that we offer which include a visit to the Victoria Falls.

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