Considered as both Zimbabwe’s best park and one of the finest wilderness areas in Africa, Mana Pools National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is a superb safari destination. Situated at the northern most point of Zimbabwe straddling the Zambian border, Mana Pools is remarkably beautiful: a riverine wilderness on the Zambezi River of pools, floodplains, baobab trees and forests that feels totally remote and never gets crowded.

The park is famous for its huge elephant herds and is known for great sightings of lion and leopard as well as being one of the best places in Africa to find endangered wild dogs. The appeal of the park is not just its wildlife – it’s how you get to experience the bush in immersive ways: staying in unfenced campsites in the midst of the wilderness and going on walking and canoeing safaris to see animals without the noise of a car. Mana Pools is also one of the only parks in Africa where you can walk without a guide (although this isn’t recommended for safety reasons unless you have a lot of bush experience).

Things To Do

Mana Pools is one of Africa’s best places to do walking safaris – the thin vegetation means that visibility is excellent, so you’ll have the chance to get up close to big game. In addition, the walking guides in the park are among the best in Africa.

Canoeing safaris in Mana Pools are an incredible way to experience raw nature at its best: you spend your days paddling along the Zambezi past pods of hippos and scores of animals drinking on the banks, and at night time you’ll camp under the stars on untouched islands.

Birdwatchers will also enjoy the incredible opportunities the Mana Pools provide with over 450 species of birds nesting or migrating through the park area.

Accommodation Options

Camp Mana is an owner run intimate, private 12-bed tented camp on the Zambezi River. Accommodation is in 2.4m (8ft) high walk-in Meru-style tents with en-suite flush toilets and hot showers. The central feature of the camp is a remarkable communal lounge and dining area with sweeping views across the Zambezi River and mountains of the northern escarpment.

This seasonal camp is entirely disassembled and stored for four months every year. Camp Mana is open during the dry season – from April to November and this ensures that they have very little impact on the environment and that the area has time to recover every year.

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