Visit Zimbabwe’s Ancient City

There are many historical man-made structures that point to early civilisations around the world, some of which are still shrouded in mystery. Zimbabwe has its own such monument in the south-east of the country, and it is called Great Zimbabwe loosely translated to Great Houses of Stone! Located close to Lake Mutirikwi, south-east of the […]

Could This be the Best Time to Visit The Victoria Falls?

There are countless reasons why Victoria Falls is considered Africa’s greatest natural wonder, straddling two Southern African countries and consistently touted as a “bucket list” item on any African itinerary. Travellers venture from all over the globe to marvel at her sheer size and to be doused in the spray of her misty plumes. However, […]

We Donate a Basketball Kit to Community Basketball Club

DK Tours and safaris has sponsored a new Kit for a Victoria falls community basketball club, The Victoria Falls Panthers. The club that is most made up of talented players between the ages 15 to 23 competes in the regional Southern Basketball League and will use this new kit for the upcoming season. DK Tours […]

The Big 5 – Your Reason to Plan Your Next Safari

When early hunters encountered the African Elephant, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Leopard and Lion, they were in so much awe of the absolute beauty and majesty of the animals that they called them the Big 5. These five large African mammal species were known to be dangerous and it was considered a feat by trophy hunters […]

Mana Pools – Best Safari Experience Along the Zambezi

Considered as both Zimbabwe’s best park and one of the finest wilderness areas in Africa, Mana Pools National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is a superb safari destination. Situated at the northern most point of Zimbabwe straddling the Zambian border, Mana Pools is remarkably beautiful: a riverine wilderness on the Zambezi River of pools, […]

Lake Kariba – The Magnificent “Inland Sea”

Lake Kariba is a huge body of fresh water which spread 5 200 sq km over the Zambezi River valley after construction of the first major hydro-electric dam was completed in 1959. The lake has since become an attractive and popular holiday destination. Its vast expanse of water forms a boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia; […]

Mt. Nyangani – Paradise at the Summit of Zimbabwe

Found deep in the heart of Nyanga National Park Mt Nyangani (formerly Mount Inyangani) is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe. This gigantic mountain rises up to 2592m in height, its peak is a 1-3 hour climb trekking from any of the 4 base-entry points for anyone of average fitness. One of the things you will […]

The Bvumba Mountains, a Paradise Waiting for you!

Aptly named the “Mountains of the Mist,” The Bvumba Mountains, loom in the morning mist far off the beaten track in a picturesque and untouched part of Zimbabwe.​ A few kilometres outside Mutare, the road to the Bvumba starts its scenic climb, winding through steep, tree-clad mountains and rolling farmland. At each turn, new landscapes […]

GOOD NEWS – Botswana is Now Easier to Visit!

Good news for safari travellers – Botswana health authorities have opened their border to fully vaccinated travellers entering the country and will no longer need a negative COVID-19 PCR test result. Unvaccinated visitors can also get inoculated free at Botswana’s entry points. Travellers without a vaccination certificate will still be required to undergo a PCR […]

The spiritual atmosphere of Matobo National Park, a must visit!

Tucked away in the Heart of Zimbabwe is a UNESCO World Heritage site, said to hold the greatest concentration of leopards in in the Country. The Matopo National Park or “Matopos” for short is an expanse of granite hills and rock formations, an area of spiritual significance and natural grandeur. Why Visit? In this unique […]

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